Sherrie Bias has thrilled audiences for more than ten years and has become a favorite of Jazz aficionado’s worldwide. Her voice has established her as modern Jazz royalty bringing 
her before government officials, international jazz festivals, theater & the list goes on and on… Born in New Orleans, Louisiana Sherrie is infused with a love of people, diverse culture and spirituality. She accredits growing up in the birthplace of Jazz to a melting pot, which 
developed her cross-cultural performing style of Jazz. Like that city, Sherrie is not 
bound to any one genre of music. She continues to borrow from all types of 
musical expressions. Her renderings are best described as all-inclusive 
Jazz refined with Gospel, R&B and Latin Flare.

Many things can be said of this artist; author, poet and, songstress are all titles she wears well. Whether performing “Ta Ta” a spirited gospel infused hit celebrating music and its creator or  languishing on “Cherish the Day” a modern retake of a Sade classic, 
Sherrie uses scat and improvisation to drive her audience to the edge of their seats. 
Gaining the support of many legends in the jazz industry she has been affectionately 
dubbed “Princess of Jazz” and continues to create her own mixture of stellar 
vocals and regal style reminiscent of true performers from yesteryear.

Sherrie thrills her audiences with emotional renditions of classic Jazz greats as Ella, 
Sarah & Nancy. There is simply no limit to the ways this lady will move you. Going to her concerts is not just entertainment; it is indeed an experience and not one you are too soon to forget. Sherrie’s take on music is that it’s more than notes on a page, it 
is spiritual, and when you leave one of her concerts, you will feel that you were a part of some great journey.

Sherrie is an avid supporter of Human Rights and is a member of several National Children’s Advocacy Organizations. Her previous recordings are in standard rotation in 
various international radio formats such as Sirius Satellite Radio and the 
syndicated broadcast of “Dinner Jazz” worldwide.

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